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Effect of metal ions on PrP conversion

We tested the effect of Cu on the production of PrPSc by prion infected cells. Our results indicated that addition of Cu at sub-toxic concentration in the medium of the cells resulted in a decrease in the generation of PrPSc. The mechanism of action of Cu on the reduction of PrPSc seemed related to modification of PrP trafficking as revealed by immuno-fluorescence studies. Similar results have been recently obtained and published by Dr Gabizon's group (Copper binding to PrPC may inhibit prion disease propagation, Brain Research, 993, 192-200).

Our initial observation that oxidative stress could modulate PrP cleavage which may relate to the function of the protein as a sensor to oxidative stress, was extended and completed in a thoughtful and elegant study detailed in the another partner's report (Partner 2).

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