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Biochemical properties of Ctm-PrP and Dpl

We have attempted to stably express constructs of PrP which predispose the protein to form Ctm-PrP in human neuroblastoma SH-SY5Y cells. However, only a few of the constructs successfully expressed and of these none of them produced detectable amounts of Ctm-PrP. This is likely due to toxic forms of the protein having been selected against during the establishment of the stable cell lines.

Human Dpl has been successfully expressed in both SH-SY5Y and Bu17 cells. Two antibodies have been raised against Dpl to aid in these studies. In brief we have found that Dpl is expressed at the cell surface in a GPI anchored and N-glycosylated form. Analysis of its distribution in cholesterol-rich lipid rafts has revealed that it appears to have a different distribution to PrP.

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