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An optimised method for detecting the presence of Alternaria radicina, a seedborne pathogen of carrot, on basis of a plating assay on the selective ARSA-medium

With this method light infections can be distinguished from heavy infections of seed. Other materials, such as carrot root or seedling material, can be tested on the ARSA-medium as well. The diagnosis involves observation of morphology of colonies produced by the fungus on carrot seeds, seedlings and root discs incubated on the Alternaria Radicina Selective Agar (ARSA).Based on the results from a ring test with 5 laboratories and 4 levels of seed contamination/infection, it was concluded that the method provides reliable information on the seed contamination/infection with Alternaria radicina and allows discrimination between light and heavy infection which in turn, gives the prognosis for infection at the seed germination and root storage stages. The advantage of the method lies in its higher specificity as well as easier and less time-consuming diagnosis step as compared with the deep-freezing-blotter-method.

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