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A description of the ultrastructural changes of carrot root cells when treated with toxins produced by Alternaria radicina and A. alternata

Treatment of carrot roots with methanolic solutions of radicinol (RAD) epi-radicinol (epi-ROH),the toxins produced by A. radicina and alternariol (AOH) and alternariol methyl ether (AME), which are produced by A. alternata, resulted in changes in their cell structures visible under transmission electron microscope. Plication of cell membranes, and partly cell walls, accumulation of multivesicular bodies and numerous vesicles in cytoplasm were observed. Moreover, microvacualisation and distension of mitochondrion cristae occurred. Responses of carrot root cells to treatments with particular toxins were specific. No changes were noticed in the structure of nucleus, Golgi bodies and endoplasmatic reticulum. The data obtained led to a better understanding of phytotoxic properties of the RAD, epi-ROH, AOH and AME, as well as disease processes caused by Alternaria spp. on ultrastructure cell level.

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