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Evidence that hyperspectral analysis has potential for discriminating between healthy and Alternaria infected carrot roots

Hyperspectral image analysis offers the potential to measure a part of the spectrum of an object in a very detailed way. In combination with pattern recognition methods, this offers the possibility to discriminate between different objects using both spectral and spatial information. In this study, it was shown that spectral differences were present between healthy and Alternaria-infected carrots. Although the results should be used with care, the feasibility of this new technology for discriminating between good and spoiled food products, such as organic carrots, was proven. Beside the potential use of this technology in carrot breeding programmes for determining resistance levels towards Alternaria, it could also be used in-line to detect and sort out carrots (or other food products)with unwanted traits or symptoms. It may be possible to directly test for the presence of mycotoxin-containing products, when the presence of mycotoxins can be determined based on hyperspectral image analysis.

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