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A collection of micro-organisms with antagonistic properties towards Alternaria spp.

A collection of microorganisms with antagonistic properties against Alternaria spp. were obtained following the selection criteria listed below:

- Naturally occurring microorganisms being indigenous to the carrot environment.
- Biocontrol efficacy tested in a hierarchic assessment scheme - first on naturally infected seed, secondly on artificially inoculated seed.
- Preference to specific temperatures.
- Easily propagated at room temperature and unable to grow at 37°C.
- Different taxa of microorganisms were included to maximise the probability of success.
- Productivity: culturable in inexpensive media.
- Storage capacity of formulated preparation: at least 6 month.
- Risk assessment.

105 microorganisms were investigated. Four antagonists, Plectosporium tabacinum (IK1755), Clonostachys rosea f. catenulata (IK1878), C. rosea (IK1871) and C. solani (IK1889) efficiently controlled seedborne Alternaria spp. The efficacy of the selected antagonists was comparable to that of the fungicide Iprodione. The selected effective candidates can be further developed and exploited for biocontrol of Alternaria diseases in carrots. Moreover the well described collection consisting of 105 potential antagonists can be evaluated and exploited in other diseases/crops systems.

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The Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University
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