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SOPs for production of different chitosan varieties

Processes have been developed, producing a range of chitosan varieties some of which have been selected for testing in this project. This involves the deacetylation of chitin, producing chitosan with specified degree of deacetylation and using hydrogen peroxide for viscosity reduction. Standard Operating Procedures have been developed for these processes. These results will be used as basis for further development of higher-grade chitosan, including specific steps for minimising levels of endotoxins and insoluble micro-particles in the product. These highly purified chitosan products will open up new opportunities for Primex to supply specialised chitosans for biomedical applications in general. Chitosan materials have important and beneficial mechanical as well as biological properties, which are still unexploited in biomedicine. There are potential biomedical applications for some appropriate chitosan materials in the area of the clinical treatments of external and internal wounds, such as skin wounds and bone fractures, in haemostats for external and internal uses and for variety of tissue engineering applications.

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