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YBCO coated conductors with high critical currents

The newly developed 5-10 m long YBCO coated stainless steel tapes with high critical currents - up to 494 A per centimetre-width at 77 K in self field, high engineering current densities of 300-500 A/mm2 and excellent mechanical performance � are a new product which seems to be ready for industrial implementation in power engineering (magnetic coils, transformer windings, current leads, fault-current limitation, etc.). The (ongoing) development of 100m long coated tapes is practically completed.

The developed technology allows for economic production and sufficient processing efficiency. In a High-Rate Pulsed-Laser-Deposition developed and employed for YBCO film deposition, the production rate corresponds, at present, to 8 m/h for 4 mm-wide coated tapes with Ic of 300 A/cm width.

On the other hand, a 50% increase of critical currents in long CC tapes is in progress: for 0.2-1 m long tapes these enhanced currents have already been reached.

Both improvements will result in a production rate enhanced to > 40 m/h for 4 mm wide tapes with Ic = 120 A in the nearest future.

In addition, the AC losses of YBCO coated conductors on stainless steel tapes have been measured (by Siemens), as being significantly lower than in superconducting Bi-2223 tapes.

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