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TITOSIM prototype

One of the main objective of TITOSIM project is to develop a software tool (hereinafter referred as TITOSIM Prototype). Following the approach used in its predecessor (CE)2, this tool will not only help engineers to optimise real product designs by making efficient use of computer codes (simulators), but will also combine the use of statistical methods for the design and analysis of computer and physical experiments with algorithms for global and multiobjective optimisation to search for optimal design configurations, taking into account VOC. Regarding "computer experiments", TITOSIM will replace slow simulators and time-consuming experiments with still simple but highly adaptive mathematical models (emulators) that can run up to 1000 times faster. The use of emulators allows the adoption of complex multiobjective and global optimisation algorithms to search for an optimal solution. Emulators represent the best trade-off between accuracy and speed. One important issue is the proper adjustment (or setting) of these emulators. Together with other ideas in the project, this feature makes it possible to simultaneously find a design solution for both the product and the related processes which is optimised, fast, and robust

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