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VOC methodologies

Voice of Customer (VOC) methodologies consist in methods used in the first phase of the product and process development. The customer needs and requirements are collected and determined by specifically designed questionnaires, filled in by a sample of prospective customers. The data collected in this way is analysed, thus showing the customer demands. These are then translated into concrete targets for the designer. This phase is referred to as 'target setting'.

KPA in particular has substantial experience in these areas and could contribute with the use of surveys, focus groups, pilot tests etc. The main methodology implemented in TITOSIM is the House of Quality module, consisting of an analysis tool and summarising graphics. The House of Quality, as an innovative tool, may be used in other sub-sequential phases of the development of a product. Consequently, the module may be used at different stages of the process.

The House of Quality consists of different matrices that establish the correlation between customer requirements and technical requirements, technical and parts requirements, parts and process requirements and so on.

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