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New integrated design environment for quick, simplified calculation of glued structures made from sheets

A customised CAD-FEM system for designing LDSs, has been provided and different items have been analysed in order to ensure that the tool is suitable for the end users:
- Complexity and the wideness of groups and components integrated in mechanical design (and in machine-tool design in particular) asked for a detailed FEM model description so that a good correlation is achieved between theoretically calculated values and experimental ones (stiffness, deformation, modal freq.,.).
- Number of elements and nodes which describe the actual physical model had to be as low as possible in order to reduce calculating time.
- The tool to be developed had to be easy to use for the designers in charge of the structural modelling of mechanical devices.

Therefore, appropriate models for glued joints have been developed, implemented and validated. These models ensure accurate results but the number of nodes in the FEM model remains low so that the time for analysis is similar to standard models. The simulation tool is integrated in MSC/PATRAN (widely spread in mechanical design) in order to improve user-friendliness. As a result, an integrated design environment has been provided that includes high capabilities for LDSs definition and accurate analysis while also making it possible to manage these structures in a time-efficient manner and in a user-friendly environment.

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