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Medium size milling machine incorporating high damping LDS structures

LDS Structures can improve damping performance of mechanical components of milling machines. They can also achieve the same stiffness decreasing the total weight at the same time. This demonstrator is a medium-size milling machine incorporating high damping LDS structures in two of its mobile elements. The demonstrator is a re-design of a well-known milling machine: the EURO 2000.

The present machine is built without LDS structure. The comparison of static characteristics and dynamic performance of the demonstrator with the present machine will provide important information about the suitability of LDS Structures as components of mobile elements of milling machines, specially regarding stiffness and shocks resistance. The economic study on the construction of the EURO 2000 with the new elements will complete the preparatory steps necessary to decide whether to sell this new type of machine. The behaviour of the demonstrator will be the first step towards changing the welded structures of mobile elements of Correa Gantry machines to glued LDS structures.

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