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High performance reinforced concrete

Concrete mixes have been optimised in compliance to the EN 206-1 standard for the aggressive environments (Seismic Resistant Concrete, Corrosion Resistant Concrete, Fire Resistant Concrete) considered in the project. In each case, a normal strength concrete (C25/30) and a high strength concrete (C60/75) were designed, using the most appropriate local materials. The selection of the best concrete mixes was based on the results of characterisation tests relevant to environment. A complete characterisation of the selected mixes was performed in fresh and hardened state, together with specific tests on some concrete mixes. The performances achieved for high strength concrete were in some cases significantly above the current level of performance for this type of concrete in area considered.

The same concrete (components and mixture proportions) was used for tests on plain or stainless steel reinforced concrete, on small specimens in laboratory or on large specimens during field tests. This provides direct information about the impact of concrete mixture proportions on the behaviour of stainless reinforced concrete exposed to aggressive environments, fire or seismic loading. These data will provide potential references for the users of these high performance reinforced concrete not yet commonly used locally.

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