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LCCA calculation in a real civil structure realised by using reinforced concrete elements with the new stainless steel.

The research team contacted the technical offices of the Pavia province (a public administration body) in order to collect all data necessary to develop a LCCA on a new bridge the province is planning to build over the Ticino river. The aim of LCCA was to demonstrate the capability of the new product to meet the normal requirements of designers for a civil structure.

In particular, attention focused on the design and construction of the reinforced concrete bridge deck.

Building works was scheduled to start at the end of 2004. One hundred tons of HSS3 could be used to reinforce the concrete deck of the new bridge. Two different types of concrete and three different steels have been taken into account. A total amount of 100 tons of inox steel has been considered.

Different scenarios were proposed and evaluated in order to compute different LCCA for the new bridge's reinforced concrete deck.

The analysis estimated the cost per unit area of the deck for construction, maintenance, consolidation and demolition of the bridge. This information is required for the evaluation of NPD and AV for the direct costs. Traffic data concerning the bridge has been evaluated in order to estimate the user costs.

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