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Guide book on wastewater treatment and water recycling aspects in the plating sector

In order to implement the White Book for platers, the first step was to carry out an effluents deionising pilot to test the recovery capacity of different filtration media. As this pilot could be processed on only one kind of media, PM tested the anionic media by recovering Cr6 under its shape Cr2 O7 from synthetic effluents. Cationic media were tested with a solution of Cu++. Subsequently, cleaning tests were carried out in industrial rinsing. The media supplied are suitable for the grafts; however, there are remaining difficulties in graft regeneration and their fixing capacity. The current tests with new threads should solve these remaining obstacles, in which case positive results can lead filtration media to play an important part in the wastewater purification market in the plating industry, alongside other techniques depicted in the White Book.

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