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In-service performance predictive tool

The ultimate technical requirement of a shaped container is adequate performance under in-service loading. The performance of the developed shaped containers needs to be assessed under axial crush and panel testing. Axial crushing measures the resistance of the container to a vertical (axial) load, representative of stacking conditions, whilst panel testing involves quantifying the container's resistance to an internal vacuum loading, representing filling operations.

Status: An extension of a simple computational model involving the residual stresses and strains remaining in the container after the completed forming process was integrated into the Elfen code. The thus developed computational model is now capable of predicting the axial crush load and panelling pressure whilst accurately reproducing the collapse geometry of the can. The model is also able to predict the effects of such factors as out-of-roundness, local dents, gauge variations and asymmetric loading on the crush and panel values. The model has been comprehensively validated by comparison with experimental tests.

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International Centre for Numerical Methods in Engineering
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