Wspólnotowy Serwis Informacyjny Badan i Rozwoju - CORDIS

Software library for the grinding of sculptured surfaces

The software library delivers a complete stand-alone CAM-System generating the tool paths for the belt grinding operation. The CAM-System is fed with a geometric description of the work piece surface and the data of the belt grinding tool. A special highlight of the system is the possibility to add data from work flow simulations for an intelligent tool-path generation. The system assists the choice of grinding technology in general (e.g. grinding in flow-direction or perpendicular to the flow-direction). It also assists a smooth approach of the grinding tool and work piece, analyses the overlapping of grinding tracks and the special behaviour in sophisticated parts of the surface. A grinding simulation is part of the system to detect errors and problems.

The system produces a CL-data file that can be processed by the CAM-systems of each company and their post processors. This allow an automatic tool-path generation without expensive modifications of the CAM systems on market.

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