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Optimisation of High Efficiency Deep Grinding

High efficiency deep grinding (HEDG) of CVT material (steel) has been carried out, using electroplated CBN wheels. The initial tests were conducted in a surface grinding mode over a wide range of grinding conditions, to evaluate the levels of specific grinding energy, workpiece surface integrity and wheel wear. Thermal modelling of the HEDG process has been validated and proved to be very helpful for determining the optimal process conditions. The burn threshold conditions for the ground workpiece surface have been proposed in terms of a critical heat flux which is shown to vary with material removal rate. The predicted upper and lower boundaries for occurrence of workpiece burn show good agreements with the experimental observations. It has shown that the HEDG technology can be transferred successfully to the field of cylindrical grinding to achieve very high stock removal rates in excess of 2400mm3/s. The successful application of HEDG to cylindrical components depends on the appropriate selection of grinding parameters and also the grinding fluid supply strategy. Mineral oil can generally provide better lubrication to the wheel-work contact zone and reduce the net grinding power, but the safety issue concerning the oil mist and potential fire has to be properly addressed. Water based fluids can provide good cooling effect but less lubrication, the material removal rate therefore has to be reduced due to higher grinding energy input and quicker wheel wear.

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