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Optimisation of Ultra high speed mono wheel grinding

A peal grinding strategy was developed for CVT components at high cutting speeds (up to vc = 200 m/s), preferably using Minimum Quantity Lubrication. For this purpose, adapted specifications of CBN grinding wheels are selected for high-speed peal grinding procedures. A process strategy for the most efficient grinding of automotive components was developed (with reference to the defined workpiece material). During the investigations, different coolant strategies like Minimum Quantity Lubrication were tested for the process applied. In view of the fact that hard turning in combination with hard roller burnishing and laser assisted hard turning is also used to work the hardened parts, evaluation criteria were set up in order to compare the different manufacturing processes. This is important information for the end user.

Though the technology explored is mainly developed for machining CVT components, it can be applied to almost every cylindrical part where a grinding process is demanded. Thus, an optimised traverse grinding technology can be applied not only by the automobile industry, but by large variety of producers to increase their quality and productivity.

Using the aimed Minimum Quantity Lubrication technology, significantly reduces the amount of coolant employed for machining processes, which results in more ecological production procedures.

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