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Optimisation of Ultra precision machining for the preparation of finished surface with optical quality

The target surface roughness of Ra 10 nm or lower can be readily achieved by UPG on the Tetraform'C' machine, with good surface integrity, for simple workpiece geometries. A surface finish of Ra 30 nm or lower roughness can be consistently achieved using a D15 resin bond wheel on the friction discs of CVT material (steel). The cutting time with a slow cross feed of 3mm/min for a CVT component will be 33 minutes, including 26.7 minutes grinding time and dwells for spark out. The cutting time will be greatly reduced to 15-20 minutes if a higher roughness in the order of Ra 40-50 nm is allowed which can use a higher cross feed and eliminate the dwells for spark out. Surface roughness achieved on CVTs by using B91 plated wheel is about Ra0.17-0.24microm with cutting time down to 2.8 minutes. When using a wide cup wheel on the conical part and a form wheel on the toroid of the CVT component, a plunge grinding mode is expected to reduce the cutting time down to 5-10 minutes with surface roughness at about Ra 40 nm.

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