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System for gas current treatment

Development of a combustor with heat recovery: a plant for the recovery of the energy from methanol burning. This methanol is generated during the prepreg manufacture process. Up to now, these emissions were sent into the atmosphere. As soon as the plant is set up at TEVESA's facilities, these emissions will be treated and the energy reused.

The advantages of applying this system are numerous. On the one hand, emissions are avoided, improving the work environment and the health of workers. On the other, there is an economic improvement because emissions that were lost up to know will be used to generate energy.

The choice of an oxidiser with heat recovery has been driven by the following factors:
1. Economic convenience in the valorisation of the calorific value (heat input) of the pollutant (methyl alcohol). Using a standard boiler to produce the same energy the fuel consumption would be 34 Nm3/h
2. Possibility to have a single chimney that discharge into the atmosphere, therefore a smaller quantity of pollutants (NOx and CO) if compared to a different system with a solvent treatment and a thermal oil boiler.
3. Lower capital cost
4. Easy operation by non-specialised personnel
5. Performance are constant in time

The innovations are:
1. Compliance with PED, the new code for pressure equipments, in our case the heat recovery unit.
2. Compliance with the spirit of the Kyoto agreement. Specifically, the plant will be fitted with inverters so to reduce the electric consumption during the phases of low load.
3. Ecological materials: we will use a new type of ceramic fibre lining that is not dangerous (cancer risk) and follows the principle of the future directive on pollutants so that while treating the effluent we don't produce another polluted stream (as it would have been the case with condensation or solvent recovery), we simply discharge clean exhausts via the chimney.

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