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Belt grinding device driven by the spindle of a milling machine

The designed belt grinding device is a tool which can be used in a milling machine like a normal cutting tool. The device has a modular design so that it can be easily adapted to milling machines with different interfaces. The use of device is the improvement of the roughness of a work piece after milling in one set up. The belt grinding device can be changed manually as well as automatically from a pick-up station into the milling machine. During the course of the project, two prototypes have been produced by SATB with interfaces for three different milling machines. These prototypes are available for further research work.

The device is equipped with features for an easy installation on different spindle noses of milling machines. It runs with high precision and - in spite of its size - nearly free from vibrations.

Due to the modular design and the use of standard elements the device can be produced for a reasonable cost. Best grinding results are achieved in dry grinding without cooling agents. As it is possible to work with one grinding belt throughout a complete work cycle, there is no need to change the grinding belt during the grinding operation.

The most important part of the device is a gear box with special toothed wheels. The gear box is maintenance-free.

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