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Demonstrator system for casting

The possibility to implement the production plant with a QNDC-based intelligent manufacturing system will allow a series of advantages that can be summarised as follows:
- scraps rate reduction, thanks to the correlation of the defect with the process parameters and to the defect individuation during production (on-line system):
- increase in the probability to detect the defects, thanks to the combination of different techniques reducing the risk of failure in the cast products;
- reduction of the inspection costs: quality control will be carried out on-line, making the stocking area for the part to be controlled redundant, reducing the handling operation and minimising the need of human inspection;
- increase of customer confidence in the process control capability and in the defect detection possibilities: Stampal has many contracts with important car manufacturers, interested in the new technologies for the production of structural and safety components (for example suspension components) and quality assessment of the parts is always an important concern.

The QUME system is a marketable prototype system that needs further improvements, particularly concerning robustness and modularisation. In its present state, it can be used as a demonstrator that requires some efforts for commercialisation. It is most likely to be of commercial affinity relative to the X-ray inspection technology, although lacking the overall control functionality (software, database etc).

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