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Software package for (x-ray) inspection

The main task was to design and develop a software package for online non-destructive inspection and quality control of products or components in industrial production line. This package comprises different sections addressing each test function and NDE technique employed viz. workstation control, X-ray radioscopy, image processing, X-ray attenuation, vibration analysis and data fusion. The basic structure and approach developed can in future be extended to include other techniques as well (e.g. ultrasonic, magnetic techniques), which will broaden the scope of this application.

The implementation of a QNDC-based intelligent manufacturing system in a production plant will allow for a series of advantages, including a reduced scrap rate, an increased probability of detection of defects a reduction of the inspection costs and an increase in customer confidence in the process control capability and in the defect detection possibilities.

The software establishes the interfaces between the raw data collected from the workstation and the database, and submits these to the routines of INSA for the image processing and initial gathering of processed data. All intermediate findings are also stored in the database for later reporting, or pattern development recognition.

The prototype also presents an ongoing status of the inspection, with the continuous update of results, findings and evaluations of the images.

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