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Modified Electrodialysis (MED)

Modified electrodialysis (MED) allows a more efficient separation and concentration of ions in aqueous solution from a dilute process stream. An ion exchange resin is incorporated into the feed compartment to increase the transport of the metal ions relative to protons hence improving the current efficiency at low concentrations relative to conventional electrodialysis. The MED results and technology in the Mewaprev project build on those achieved in the earlier Sereni project. Previous applications of enhanced electrodialysis have mostly been on high purity water. In this project the technique has been developed for industrial metal ion containing waste solutions. Laboratory trials have been carried out successfully, proving the techniques at a small scale. A pilot plant has been designed and constructed which integrates with the 3D cathode unit and ITP sensor. The pilot plant has been commissioned at C-Tech and performed even better than the laboratory unit. The pilot plant has been commissioned on site at the industrial users sites in Belgium and is undergoing industrial trials.

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