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Three Dimensional Cathodes

Electrodeposition of metal ions from low concentration aqueous solutions using specially developed three-dimensional electrodes has previously been successfully developed and manufactured by C-Tech Innovation Ltd. This work builds on this experience to allow selective deposition of metals in the presence of a range of other metal ions to achieve essentially pure metal deposits. This is a useful method of recovering metals in a valuable form from dilute solution in a range of industries e.g. PCB, hydrometallurgy, metal finishing.

A pilot plant has been built which uses two 3 d cathode cells to alternately deposit metal and strip metal. This gives the flexibility to generate either a solid metal or a metal salt as the recovered product. The pilot plant has been designed to work on waste solutions either before or after the modified electrodialysis cell.

Reported by

C-Tech Innovation Ltd
CH1 6EH Chester
United Kingdom
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