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Surface coating consisting in bilayer molecular coating reducing wear and protecting the surface

A surface coating consisting in a bilayer molecular coating able to reduce mechanical wear and to protect the surface against atmospheric corrosion, application in particular to separable electrical contacts. A new lubrication method is being developed, consisting in depositing a bounded monolayer of molecules on the substrate to be protected and a thicker layer of molecules on top which have good affinity with the bounded monolayer.

This lubrication has the advantage of being permanent, due to the bound between the substrate and the monolayer, and to the affinity between the monolayer and the top layer. Furthermore, the monolayer provide a good protection against corrosion whereas the top layer gives antiwear property. The substrates can be gold, silver, and other nobles coating.

First identified applications are in the field of the electrical separable contacts, for which anticorrosion and antiwear properties are required.

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