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Verification of the reliability and reproducibility of the proposed test procedures

In the Crevcorr-project two of the tasks were aimed to develop new test techniques or methods for evaluating the crevice corrosion susceptibility of stainless steels. Based on these tests a thorough description of testing procedures was made and laboratories inside the project consortium and worldwide were invited to participate. A total of 19 laboratories volunteered to participate providing all test samples, necessary equipment and procedures were delivered by the consortium. Two round robin tests were undertaken. The main objective of the round robin tests was to verify the reliability and reproducibility of new developed test methods to characterize the crevice corrosion resistance of stainless steels. A second objective has been to contribute to establishing new guidelines for qualifying stainless steels for use in natural and treated seawater. Based on the reported test results from a round robin test performed both on natural seawater and in synthetic biochemical seawater it has been shown that the general description of the test method with respect to crevice assembly was simple and easy to follow. The crevice assembly was robust and small deviations were reported. The method was reliable and reproducible.

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