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Specific functional nonwovens (ion exchange property) grafted by EBC (strong and weak cation exchangers, strong and weak anion exchangers)

The initial objective was the development of textile media, with specific ion exchange property. IFTH has demonstrated the feasibility of grafting functional monomer with ion exchange property (anion and cation). Promising results were obtained. Grafted nonwovens have been developed and successfully implemented in specific filtration devices.

The main end users are: plating SME, companies specialised in water drinking distribution, nuclear power plants. According to the obtained properties these developments could also concern traditional sectors and ultra pure water production. The innovative aspects are: EBC grafting technology adapted to textile finishing, filtration and purification properties of the grafted nonwovens, implementation of grafted textile products in several filtration devices.

Natural textile properties combined with ion exchange functions and open up a new way in filtration. In comparison to current ion exchange resins, these innovative textile products offer a higher efficiency in diluted conditions, a lower consumption expenses (water, energy, chemicals) during regeneration cycles and the possibility to work at a high flow rate.

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