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MEWAPREV Berichtzusammenfassung

Project ID: G1RD-CT-2000-00408
Gefördert unter: FP5-GROWTH
Land: Germany

Development of a ITP sensor platform by using 1) silicon micromachining 2) electro-plating, 3) injection moulding processing, 4) metallisation on plastic lid and 5) bonding technologies (gluing)

The ITP sensor consists of a channel plate (reservoir, injection and separation channel) and a metallised cover lid (detection unit, high power supply) which are bonded (glued etc.) together. Both plate and lid are made of plastic (polycarbonate). To realise the fine micro-channel structures in polycarbonate we first etched three different channel geometries (different widths and depths) in silicon by using a isotropic plasma etching process (ICP, bulk micromachining). We then transferred the silicon channel surface topology in a nickel injection moulding tool by using a nickel electro-plating process (nickel tool 2mm thick). The goal of the processing chain is to transfer the channel preciseness (which we arrive in silicon) into a "low cost" plastic channel plate. The cover plate (lid) is realised by using original blank CD's. The detection electrodes and the high power unit on the CD’s are realised by using a sputtering process for good adhesion starting layers and a additional electro-plating Au-bath for thicker electrodes. Both cover and channel plate are then carefully aligned and bonded together (this work is still in process and needs further attention). A sensor setup system is being established with the following system interfaces: a) high power supply and relays, b) micro-pumps and micro-valves, c) contacting unit (interface chip/high power supply), d) control and e) evaluation soft ware.

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