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Contoured ACFM sensor array

ACFM sensors induce an alternating magnetic field within the surface of the metallic subject. Small coils are used to measure the disturbance of this filed caused by surface breaking cracks.

The Robot Inspector probe consists of an array of ACFM sensors in a curved geometry to 'mould' itself around the weld. The sensors are deployed in a line across the weld and the probe is then scanned along the weld so that the whole weld cap, and an area either side of the weld is inspected in one pass. It is estimated that only one such probe will have to be manufactured in order to accommodate butt, fillet and over lapped welds, by using different parts of the same probe. In order to achieve this, the number of sensors in the probe will have to be limited, as the probe will be designed to size defects in one orientation only (namely parallel to the weld), although it will be capable of detecting transverse defects. This array is used to investigate surface-breaking defects, particularly toe-cracking.

This probe was constructed and experimentally evaluated.

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