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Robot Control Software

In order to accommodate the needs of the Robot Inspector, specialised software was developed by ZENON to enable the mobile platform to perform the required movements for the inspection task. The software was developed in C++, using the libraries ARIA, ARNL and ArNetworking and structured as a layered software system consisting of 8 layers executing on three CPUs with as many as five concurrent threads per CPU. The bottom layer is hardware specific, the next three layers are generally usable on any mobile robot with holonomic steering and laser baser sensing, the next four layers are NDT testing application specific and are reusable (two fully and two partially) on any mobile platform used for NDT testing while the last layer serves as a test interface.

The overall software architecture is designed to be highly flexible and fully reusable at the design level.

The specific instance of this architecture that was implemented was tailored specifically to the needs of Robot Inspector. However several individual components are portable to other mobile robot platforms, other mobile robot applications for NDT and other mobile robot applications subject to certain similarities in the robot hardware capabilities.

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