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Quality Data Base containing ultrasonic information and technical characteristics of stone materials

The setting up of a Quality Data Base is strictly connected to the development of the innovative inspection system and of the innovative classification method. The Quality Data Base will be composed of all technical measurements carried out on the stone material and will contain information related to the selection and classification of stone products. The development of a Quality Data Base will be of help to stone industries because it will help them acquire a competitive advantage and to maintain/consolidate the leadership that EC countries currently own with respect to non-European competitors. In order to increase the economic and technical competitiveness of stone industries, in fact, it is important to develop new technologies and methods that assure product quality and that respect specific quality regulations and standards used for selecting and classifying stone material and products. Finally, the Quality Data Base developed in the project will also be of great help to stone industries during the negotiation and sales of finished products (slabs, tiles, etc.). The Data Base, in fact, will allow stone manufacturers to give their customers sure, reliable and qualified information on the products they are selling.

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