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Measuring equipment and procedure for facade assessment

A prototype equipment for accurate measurements of the amount of bow on a façade clad was developed within a joint inter-Nordic project. The equipment called Bow-meter was improved and the design finalised within TEAM and the precision established and documented.

The Bow-meter serves as a necessary equipment for repeated, low cost and non-destructive measurements of the continuous increase in bowing of facade claddings. Small changes can be measured from one year to the other and give the basis for a service life prediction. The procedure for façade assessment is really a methodology for an initial inspection that has proven to be very useful for all detailed inspections performed within TEAM and also at ordinary damage investigation commission work. The procedure also includes instructions for the use of the Bow-meter. The methodology is further developed into a comprehensive Guide describing inspection and risk assessment of facades. This work has already begun.

The bow-meter itself has been produced in about 10 examples to this date. The handling is easy and it might therefore be produced in a larger quantity for self inspection by building owners or caretakers with problematic buildings.

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