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Colloidal production technology for nanostructured powders

The surface of submicronic alumina particles in stable slurry in alcohol media are used as "support" for hydrolysis reactions with different diluted alkoxydes. By controlling the surface state of the submicronic alumina particles (OH groups) in the stable suspensions, diluted alcoxides in alcohol media are added dropwise. Controlling the OH- groups present on the surface of the original powder, a hydrolysis reaction takes place on the surface of the particles being recovered by the alkoxyde. From this point, by controlling the processing parameters it is possible to control nucleation and growth on the surface (in situ formation of nanoparticles) in such a way that it is possible to synthesize the nanoparticles and densify the material in a single step with the purpose to obtain nanocomposites with a metallic and/or ceramic matrix avoiding nanoparticle handling.

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Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC)
Francisco Pintado Fe, 26
33011 Oviedo
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