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SAID Platform for the D&E

Integrated platform of services for the D&E, aimed at delivering a number of services to the D&E at home by means of the TV. The SAID platform implements a social assistance infrastructure assisted by human personnel from a control post and aided by automatic supervision procedures implemented using the technology of intelligent agents. On top of the basic infrastructure, a number of services specifically designed for the D&E has been implemented covering aspects such as communications, entertainment, education, home delivered services, etc.

The platform is composed of a server node, several client nodes, a control post, the social assistants console and the mobile nodes. The client node is composed of a TV + remote controller + digital decoder + webcam (if videoconferencing services are supported). The platform includes services for: the end user (D&E), the social assistants and the console operator. The following services are included for the D&E: reminder, information (interactive and active), alarms, video monitoring, automatic monitoring system, games, household services, videoconferencing, videoemail, etc. The services for the social assistant includes: reminder configuration, alarm browsing, user configuration, insertion of information topics, agenda, planner, mobile route planner, mobile access to DB, alarm redirection to mobile. The services for the console operator include: real-time alarm management, information management and access to DB, alarm redirection to mobiles or email, bi-directional videoconferencing with the end-users, video monitoring, etc.

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