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Mobile Route Planner

The Mobile service module provides social assistants with mobile devices (PDA) connecting via GPRS to the server and using GPS for position finding. Services comprise a round trip planner in order to give support to a social assistant in his daily activities visiting the SAID users.

On the server side, a social worker administrates personal data of the users and requests for visits. The social workers currently in charge are located by their GPS and their position is displayed on a city map. If a user wishes to be visited, the social worker on the server side sends a request for a visit of a certain user to all or a reasonable subgroup of the social assistants. If one of the social worker accepts, the visit is assigned and displayed in the list.

On the PDA, the social assistant administrates the daily or weekly schedule for the next visits. If the server sends a request for a visit, the social assistant can decide whether to accept or reject the request. If she accepts, the visit is automatically or manually scheduled and integrated into the daily plan. The PDA also allows to access information about the user.

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