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Further development of the MERGE-ETL model with endogenous technological learning

In the original MERGE model, technological learning was not considered. Energy technologies instead had fixed characteristics over time. PSI has carried out extensive work developing MERGE-ETL in which endogenous technological learning is applied to eight electric and non-electric energy technologies. Technological learning describes how the specific (investment) cost of a given technology is reduced through the accumulation of knowledge. The latter may have different sources, such as the technology's manufacturing ('learning-by-doing') or research-and-development expenditures (�learning-by-searching�). A learning curve relates then for a given technology its specific cost to one or more factors describing the accumulation of knowledge. The two factor learning curve was implemented, where the specific cost is reduced both as a function of the cumulative capacity and of the cumulative R&D expenditures.

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Paul Scherrer Institut –Department of General Energy Research (PSI.CH), Switzerland
Wurenlingen and Villigen, CH-5232
5232 Villigen
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