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To demonstrate the technical and economical feasibility of new dry gas cleaning systems in a single step for biomass and wastes combustion plants

The focus of this work-package is the techno- and socio economic assessment of biomass and biowastes co-combustion with coal in power plants from 2-100 MWe. Compliance of the novel gas cleaning technology with EU directives and other relevant environmental legislation will be made.

The results from the work will be:
- Modular approach to the assessment of conventional gas cleaning technologies in biomass and wastes combustion, allowing a range of gas cleaning systems to be evaluated both technically and economically up to 100 MWth.

- Costs of electricity for biomass and wastes co-combustion with coal up to 100MWth with a variety of gas cleaning and pollutant options evaluated for particulates, NOx, SOx, HCl and CO.

- Assessment of cost reductions, emissions compliance and benefits of the novel systems on electricity production costs.

- Overall system efficiencies will be calculated from the WP1-5 and compared with conventional systems for gas cleaning unit operations.

The results of the techno-economic assessment will allow the cost reduction potential, waste reducion and process improvements to be clearly quantified. It is expected that for particular fuels, which do not have unusual contaminants that a single step combined particle/pollutant removal system will have a significant impact on the installed capital costs of the system and allow retrofitting of existing installations.

The techno-economic assessment will be accompanied by a socio-economic assessment to see whether manpower requirements are affected and ensure that emissions are lower and that the environmental advantages of the technology are highlighted.

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