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Dissemination of the improve FBC technology among leather wastes producers in the European Union

For the leather industry the main goal of this project is to improve the efficiency of the flue gases cleaning after the treatment of leather wastes in a fluidised bed combustion boiler. Thus, the project looks for the development of a cost effective combined dry gas cleaning and particle removal system based on ceramic filter candles to minimise the main pollutants from biomass and bio waste combustion, namely SO2, HCl, NOx and fly ash particles.

Waste combustion plants are not a new technology in the Energetic European map and also not an extended technology, mainly because society regrets secondary effects of combustion processes: atmospheric pollutants. The filtration system developed in this project will result in lower capital investment, maintenance and running costs than conventional multi-step flue gas cleaning systems for small to medium scale waste combustion plants.

As an expected project result, partners will disseminate the technology developed and benefits that represents the new and ecologic process for the flue gas cleaning among footwear and tannery industries in the European Union, demonstrating that well-carried leather wastes combustion can be an advantageous process in clean-energy production, apart from the economic benefit obtained of the leather waste, which nowadays is usually dumped.

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