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Performance of bed materials under fixed bed AER conditions

AER experiments using a fixed bed AER reactor were carried out (in situ CO2 absorption during steam reforming, absorbent presence in reactor bed; process temperature range below 700 degrees Celsius; atmospheric pressure; effect of temperature swing on the bed material; carbon deposition). Mainly methane was used as fuel and a reactive bed material (consisting of absorbent and catalyst).

The experimental results:

- Prove the feasibility of AER
- Characterise different steam reforming catalyst under AER conditions
- Deliver the cycling behaviour of absorbent under AER conditions
- Enable the recommendation of process conditions for AER process (concerning reforming and absorbent regeneration)
- Deliver basic data for process simulation
- Deliver basic knowledge for reactor design (e.g. fixed and fluidised bed AER reactor)
- Deliver basic knowledge for process design

The hydrogen content in the product gas was higher than 95% (dry basis) - the COx content was below 2%.

A parameter study was carried out, including the variation of process temperature, space velocity, steam/carbon ratio and catalyst/absorbent ratio.

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