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New/improved catalyst for tar (phenol) reforming/ cracking

A novel Rh-based supported catalyst for phenol steam reforming has been synthesized using the Sol-Gel method. It was found that the Sol-Gel method results in a significant improvement of the catalyst behaviour with respect to that obtained by other traditional synthesis techniques (e.g., wet impregnation).

The Rh-based supported catalyst has been tested for the steam reforming of phenol in the 575-730oC range using the 0.5%C6H5OH/40%H2O/He feed gas composition. The Figure below presents comparative results of the rates of hydrogen production (per gram of metal basis) obtained over the Rh-based catalyst and a commercial Ni-based catalyst in the 575-730 degree Celsius range.

As it is shown, the Rh-based catalyst developed appears to be significantly superior to the commercial one. In particular, it presents up to 50 times higher rates of hydrogen production compared to the commercial catalyst, especially at the lower reaction temperatures. It is also important to notice that the sol-gel prepared catalyst presents practically constant values of hydrogen production rate in the temperature range examined.

Moreover, the present Rh-based catalyst was found to be extremely stable with reaction time. More precisely practically constant rates of hydrogen production during 36 hrs of continuous reaction at 700 degrees Celsius using the 0.5% C6H5OH/40%H2O/He feed gas stream composition have been obtained.

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