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Microsoft Access database storing Planning tool output data including visual basic code for automatic import of data into the database

The Joint Market model output database stores the results of modelling runs and has forms and queries to present the data. It can store several case runs at the same time and has queries for the comparison of different cases. The table structure of the database tries to minimize the size of the database while the query structure tries to minimize the time to retrieve information from the tables. However, when the database holds lot of data, e.g. whole year, some queries will be too slow to use. In these cases it is advisable to use sub-queries and collect the data into Excel sheet for instance.

Basic geographical and time data are linked from the input database. Technology data is imported for each case from JMM, since this data can change from run to run. Variables are recorded at the lowest possible level for each hour, usually at the level of UnitGroups. Recorded variables include production and consumption of electricity and heat, reserve reservations, fuel usage, online status, start-ups, and transmission of electricity. Shadow prices of storages as well as marginal prices of the most important equations are also stored.

Most important data can be shown graphically using forms of the database. They utilize the queries that gather the data from the underlying tables. In a form one can choose the object of analysis and the time period for the analysis. There exist forms for electricity prices, wind power forecast vs. realized wind power, power production distributed on fuels, production with consumption and transmission, production from individual UnitGroups, transmission between regions, check for equation balances and a form in which one can compare differences of separate cases.

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