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Planning tool user shell implemented in MS Excel, Planning tool input database including database storing scenario trees implemented in MS Access

A User Shell implemented in an Excel workbook controls the Wilmar Planning Tool. All data are contained in Access databases that communicate with various sub-models through text files that are exported from or imported to the databases. In the User Shell various scenario variables and control parameters are set, and export of model data from the input database, activation of the models, as well as import of model results to the output database are triggered from the shell.

The Input Database contains data on the power and heat production system (thermal, wind, hydro, solar), the power transmission system, and the power and heat demand. Moreover, the database holds data on fuels (price, SO2 content, tax), hydro power (controllable and uncontrollable inflow) and geography (countries, regions, areas). The structure of the database closely reflects the concept of sets used in the modelling language of GAMS that is used in the Joint Market Model.

A scenario tree database containing the scenario trees generated with the Scenario creation model is linked to the input database, such that the scenario tree input to the Joint Market model can be generated from the input database.

The user shell and the databases are parts of the Wilmar Planning tool that can be used to analyse issues connected to integration of wind power in large market-based power systems.

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