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SWOT analysis of PV and PV RTD in Europe

This report gives the results of the work carried out under work package 5 of the project: Formulation of a European PV RTD Road Map.

Based on a SWOT analysis and the benchmark activities in Work Package 4, the factors and mechanism have been identified (both on national and EU level), which could lead to a European PV RTD scheme, which strengthens the competitiveness for European industry, employment and security of energy supply. Focus has been placed on factors, which are general for several technologies, but crucial factors for a single technology will also be identified.

The SWOT analysis of the EU PV research level has been done in two steps: first the analysis of strengths and weaknesses, and subsequently of opportunities and threats, as strengths and weaknesses relate to the research community itself, i.e. inward looking, while opportunities and threats more relate to aspects outside the research community. Now these aspects are naturally related, and aspects of outward and inward nature have to be looked upon in parallel.

For the SWOT analysis we have identified a number of key issues that has been dealt with for each PV technology area.

The key issues regarding strengths and weaknesses are:
- R&D activities
- Industry
- Communication

The key issues regarding opportunities and threats are:
- R&D
- Industry
- Raw materials
- Policies
- Market development
- Intruding technologies

In this analysis the ecological aspects of PV did not become an issue. As one of the renewable energy sources PV has positive value, a "green image", which has influenced on the national BIPV support programmes. That has opened up opportunities, and will do so in the future too, mainly for the industry.

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