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Inventory and tuning potential with other PV networks on PV RTD programming in Europe

The report comprises an inventory and analysis of 20 international networks and organisations active in the field of PV. It highlights both the role (goals and activities) of each of these networks and organisations as well as their relevance with respect to PV RTD issues and programming.

This inventory has led to extension of contacts and intensifying the co-operation with other networks.

The report is available from the web site.

While the results of this study are too complex to be summarised here, it is good to highlight three platforms that are of special interest to the project, because they also undertake or have undertaken PV road mapping activities:

1) The European Photovoltaic Industry Association (EPIA), together with Greenpeace, has formulated a kind of roadmap in 2001 under the title "Solar Generation." It describes the current PV market and makes projections up to 2020 showing the contribution that PV will then give to the electricity supply, the industry, employment and the environment. It sets quite ambitious goals in these fields for 2020 and formulates recommendations towards the policy level in order to achieve these goals.

2) The Photovoltaic Network for the Development of a Roadmap for PV (PV-NET) is an EC funded project. Its main objective is the development of a roadmap for PV R&D based on a broad consensus among the different technologies, among industry and research institutions, across the whole range from materials to systems.

3) The PhotoVoltaic - Newly Associated States-NETwork (PV-NAS-NET) is another EC funded project. Its main target is the increase of the coherence of the PV RTD activities of the NAS and the EU and therefore to promote the development of Photovoltaic Solar Energy (PV) in NAS countries. To achieve this, PV-NAS-NET implements an information network and performs a benchmark of PV programmes and activities in the NAS.

There is good co-operation with these platforms, which has led to joint activities.

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