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Responses of FPSO systems in random seas

This work concerns the calculation of dynamic responses of FPSO systems excited by first and second order forcing in waves, winds and currents. The novel aspect is the use of a spectral response surface method, a method that is fast, yet includes most of the important non-linearity in the excitation. The results include the probability of exceedance of responses such as offset, line tension; heave at the turret, and roll of the hull. The combination of first and second order forcing (for example in line tension) is treated automatically without the introduction of empirical rules. The designer wave, the time series of surface elevation most likely to excite an extreme response, has been calculated.

The results have been compared to measurements from tests in the DHI model basin and are shown to be in reasonable agreement. The main limit in the method is the quality of input data. It provides a rapid and accurate approach for estimating statistics of FPSO system responses in realistic, directionally spread seas. Moreover, the results raise new possibilities for the model testing and design of these systems.

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