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Response based design of FPSO systems

This work concerns the calculation of long-term responses and environmental design criteria for FPSO systems. The design criteria are for both extreme and operating situations. The spectral response surface method (for short-term response analysis) has been integrated into an established approach for long-term storm statistics. The result is a fast and efficient method of generating long-term statistics for reliability studies and response-based design criteria.

The results show that a response-based approach is essential in estimating environmental criteria for moored ships. This arises from the sensitivity of the FSPSO system to wave period and directionality of winds, waves and currents. Partitioning of the input spectrum into independent sea and swell components is important especially for extreme roll motions. In fact, extreme roll arises in environments that are quite different from those producing most other extreme responses. Effects of short-term variability are large for responses excited by slow drift forces.

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