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Probabilistic modelling of wave parameters

The development of short-term distributions for the maximum individual wave heights and crest heights during storms has been studied. The work is a continuation of work previously reported in Skourup et. al. (1997) and Sterndorff & Grønbech (2000).

A large number of wave radar measurements from the Danish sector of the North Sea from the period 1981 to 2000 have been analysed in order to provide short-term distributions for maximum individual wave heights and crest heights for 1-hour stationary sea-states and for whole storms. Measurements from laboratory tests and numerical simulation by means of a hybrid second-order wave model have also been analysed.

The work has specifically been aiming at the maximum wave heights and crests heights. For each stationary sea-state (or storm) the maximum wave height and crest height has been detected and normalised by the significant wave height. The results have then be fitted by Gumbel distributions of (Cmax/Hs)2 and (Hmax/Hs)2.

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