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A “curriculum” for training prospective users of the stochastic multi-objective optimization model ISPA with the help of an interactive software tool.

IIASA-ECS has undertaken work in two principal areas. The first is to explain the basic concepts involved in multi-objective stochastic modelling, and the second is to develop an interactive software ("ISPA Tool") to run the ISPA model and to promote an appreciation of its capabilities. ISPA is a stochastic multi-objective optimization model of R&D spending on energy supply technologies. The ISPA Tool allows non-expert users to apply ISPA and analyse its results. To enable potential future users of ISPA to understand the concepts used in the model, IIASA-ECS has developed an introductory tutorial on probabilistic concepts. Based on these terms, a non-technical description of the ISPA model is also given.

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